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20160806_105310_resizedWell, it looks like there is a little bit of a problem here. One might say it’s twisted. Just so you know, this isn’t my machine. I do know who it belongs to, however I will protect identity to protect the innocent. These things happen, not often mind you, but they do happen.

I sent this photo to the tech to see what his thoughts were. He told me to go ahead and fix it, telling me what I needed. So I got the right tools, took the right steps, turned the foot in the direction it’s supposed to go.

I used the needle (not pictured here) to help line up in the correct position. Whew. I did it. I’ve wanted to go to learn to be a BERNINA tech for a long time. While this is far from step one, being able to send the machine home that day with the customer was deeply rewarding. She should go home and do her stitching to her hearts content.

Last week my sweetie and I went to the NJ State Fair in Augusta. It’d been a couple of years since we were there last. Still a great fair! We usually go on the weekends so the low crowds was, at first a little bit disconcerting. Because people. On our way there it rained, heavily. So it’s possible a lot of people simply stayed home. The fair is a true county fair type with animals to see, quilts hanging. 4-H kids presenting their crafted items. Oh the kids did a great job! Sewing is alive and well. Kids are getting interested and they’re doing good work.

There was no lack of quilts, over 100 hanging over head. No one here has the opportunity to touch the quilts. Nope. No one. 20160810_135715

There are some seriously amazing quilters out there. Making quilts. Having a good time.20160810_135746


Everyone needs a baseball quilt. It is one of our national past times after all. Baseball is good. As a matter of fact I believe that, as I write, the Yankee’s are playing ball.


And then we saw the plants. Holy wow! Plants are awesome. This one looks like feathers kind of like Ferret Capri’s. They are long and thin and look more like a bird feather.


As swirling oh my! I love swirling like this.20160810_154702

Who can go wrong with froufy. Everyone needs some kind of froufy in their life. When you find froufy hold onto it and enjoy the moment. Of course we left the plant behind. My sweetie already has plants everywhere in the house. And they are growing like weeds. But they’re not weeds. They’re plants.

I just love the dolor of the leaves on this one. I have no idea any more what it’s called. “I’ll remember!” I think. “Who can forget” I think. And now look at me. Can not remember what this plant is called, other than pretty.

And this one made me squee! I mean look at the color and the shape, and texture and oh my! I love it. Yes, it like the others, stayed behind. And someday I might get it for my sweetie. But honestly we have no more room for plants. Although I’m sure he could find room if he chose to.20160810_154918

And then the moon. I love the moon. So here ya go. The moon.

lunar eclipse blood moon
Gratuitous Moon Photo – Eclipse

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Did you sign a block for a soldier at the QOV booth? I spent the day there last Tuesday, working the booth. Love talking to all the people and meeting the vets. What stories they can tell!
    Michael spent the day seeing the fair and when I was done with my shift, he showed me the highlights. We watched the dressage, saw the livestock, the plants and the gardens. I fell in love with the koi pond!
    It’s a real state fair; this is my 3rd year working at it. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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