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Tomorrow’s the day

alexs-card-2when I choose the winner from the BERNINA Ambassador Blog Tour Day 5. So if you’re interested in a small quilted piece, go ahead and sign up.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be making and turning around quilts for friends with new fabric lines. This’ll be cool. Great lines, for sure. I have an idea percolating for one line that will be humorous.

I’m going to take a flying leap in the next couple of weeks and apply to teach at a couple of quilt shows. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to send in applications, which is tough since I love teaching. This is one step towards Creating (more) Confident Quilters one Stitch at a Time.

img_20161114_132939We’ve lived in our house for quite a few years now. We knew it was coming but had no idea when. Our washer died. This was a slow, painful, and very loud death. Like we’d put rocks in with whatever load was spinning in the washer. The volume though, was off the chart. Like even if you turn up the volume of the tv and still can’t hear it. Thankfully the dryer still works, so washing clothes in the sinks is a pleasure I’m willing to give up for the balance of Lent. Dear front loading washing machine thank you for years, and years of good service to those of us that call this place home.

Friday, our new washing machine/dryer unit arrives. To say that I’ll be happy to do laundry is something of an understatement. Speaking of hyperbole I’m working on a post with sensational headlines. You know those facebook headlines that suck you in, click bait kinds of things. I’ve started writing some of them and will be working on them for a while. They’re hilarious.

Happy Quilting!





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