20170614_131401It’s time for a postcard or six. (1000 Postcards for Peace)

I don’t do political on social media. For so many reasons.

This isn’t political. I don’t “tolerate” any one. Tolerating implies putting up with.

I love and accept you for who you are. Period. I see the differences, and acknowledge them, they are what makes you, unique.

I see the hate. I see the suffering. I will do my best to treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. My best is not always “good enough”, I get that.

i see YOU. i hear YOU. i love YOU.


4 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. peggycooperquilts – Palm Coast, Florida – I am a retired grandmother living in hot and sunny Florida. I spend most of my days doing what I love: sewing and quilting. I have a spoiled rotten Boston Terrier named Sami who keeps me busy mostly by cleaning up after her and refilling holes in the yard that she insists on digging and burying her toys. Of course then she digs them up and brings them into the house resulting in...you guessed it...more cleaning. I will be posting pictures of Sami, quilts, flowers, and other things as they come along. Glad to have you join me.
    peggycooperquilts says:

    Well said.

  2. Brenda @ Songbird Designs – Alabama – I love quilting, embroidery, sewing, and crafting of all types! I also love painting, making music, and being a GiGi! Stop by my website https://songbirddesigns.blog for a visit!
    Brenda says:

    <3 you too, Teri!

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