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During the Blizzard

As the snow fell, the wind howled, and The Lord of the Rings played in the background I took the last few stitches in purple on this version of the Impractical Color Wheel. As those stitches completed, the idea for the next one developed, I made notes in my planner so I’d remember, and went in search of my SewLine Pencil. Its somewhere within reach of my sewing machine, and yet has decided to play hide and seek with me. It’s kind of annoying because I’ve seen it.

Monday I’ll share the next one, because it has to do with the Quilted Block of the Month, and some fuchsia American Made Brand Solid.

Machine Maintenance

Maintaining our machines is essential, this is one of our primary tools in quilt making. (Unless of course we do handwork then, taking good care of our hands is essential.) When our machine is in good shape our work, for the most part, will go smoothly. So, the other day I was having some troubles and was at the end of one color so though I’ll take a few minutes and do a little tidy up. Took off the foot and needle, popped the stitch plate, took out the bobbin case. Gave the machine a brush out, and a bit of oil. On a whim I held the bobbin case open side toward me and found some serious lint. Whoops! Grabbed the paint brush reserved for swooping out lint and swoosh! out it went.

Searching for something else I ran across these vids:

Super-Easy Handi Quilter Maintenance – Clean and Oil

Handi Tips Bobbin Lint

And the paper trick works!

Back to Quilting

A long time ago someone said to me that I have an unusual sense of color, this rattled me a little bit because I didn’t know what they meant, and I didn’t have the where-with-all to ask. Over time what I’ve come to realize that it’s okay to find our own path, to be unique, to love orange and purple together. Or lime green and hot pink. Because why not. I find we’re in a time of great color exploration, and exploration means there’s more room to “make mistakes” and not have “everything perfect” because perfection is highly overrated. Our drive for “perfect” makes us feel like we’re less and not good enough.

We are good enough to explore, experiment, have fun. Quilting is fun.

Happy Stitching,



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