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Book Review Day: teeny-tiny Quilts

donna lynn teeny tiny coverteeny-tiny Quilts 35 miniature projects tips & techniques for success
Donna Lynn Thomas
112 pages
softcover $29.95
e-book $23.99

all photos courtesy C&T Publishing

C&T Interview with Donna

I can actually see this tip working on any sized quilt simply because it’s a brilliant tip: “Sometimes there’s no perfect pressing solution. In that case, if it will help, I commit quilting heresy and press one end of a seam in one direction and the other end in the opposite direction so that both ends nest at their respective intersections. A little snip in the middle of the seam allowance and some spray will help the seam flip in the middle. Nesting is that important.” 

donna lynn teeny tiny quilt 1I’ll admit when I saw the photo in the book my chin dropped and I thought this is brilliant. I stared for a moment as it dawned on me that Nesting is important for the quilt to lay flat, and for the machine quilting. Trying to stitch over bulky seams can lead to skipped or missed stitches as the foot/needle deflect from the seam. Donna Lynn makes a cut in the middle of the seam nearly to the stitching line, so that the seams she’s matching can nest in the right direction. Brilliant. Brill-i-ant.

The other tip that led to the light bulb shining brightly over my head is using a glossy post card to help guide the foot over the nesting seams. Again, a simple, but smart tip. The depth of the post card will raise the foot just enough to aid the presser foot over the seam allowance.

donna lynn teeny tiny quilt 3Donna Lynn offers visual tips on print scale and how to use it effectively, contrast, pressing and all the techniques for mastering teeny-tiny piecing. These skill are the exact same skills we need for piecing on a larger scale. Donna uses the appropriate rulers (she designs great piecing rulers) and rotary cutters for the size pieces she’s cutting. As an occasional free form appliquer those 18 mm rotary cutters are the best.

donna lynn teeny tiny quilt 4Each of the quilts has directions for small, smaller, and smallest quilts giving you the opportunity to pick the right size to work on honing your skills as a quilter. As the skills become familiar quilt after teeny-tiny quilt it will make piecing larger quilts easier. One of the hardest skills for us as quilters to learn is to pay close attention to the details. I’ve been quilting for twenty-five years and still struggle with the paying attention.

Working on quilts of these sizes also helps build our fabric stash, acquiring a wider range of color, and print scale make a huge difference. The more shades and tones of color we have the better we’ll get with choosing fabrics for high/low contrast. This further allows us to try new colors/shapes with a different fabric investment. Bonus!

Quilters teeny-tiny quilts is an investment in your quilt making. Head on over to her website, like her on social media, and enjoy making teeny-tiny quilts.

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