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Reminders are a Quilters Best Friend

a seam ripper is a quilters best friendMy favorite boss of all time said frequently, “We don’t need new teaching, we need reminders.” I’m going add that learning and teaching the basics is essential.

A while back I wrote a post on having “the talk

Around the same time I wrote this on a popular social media site:

You are a smart, intelligent woman. You can do this.
Fear has two purposes: 1) to protect and 2) to be a stepping stone. Fear is your stepping stone here.

More often than not we use fear to protect us when it could be a stepping stone. With good reasons our own inner critic is something of a snot, and the comments from other quilters can be rather painful. There’s a photo of going around on social media from over 100 years ago with a woman giving other women sh*t for cutting up dry goods and sewing it back up. So this nonsense is nothing new and still adds to the critical voices that leads to self-protection rather than the stepping stone.

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Look and Listen for how ideas, products, fabrics, and techniques speak to you. Follow what speaks sweetly to you. It’s important to take note of what doesn’t speak sweetly to you, for that tells you that you are on your quilterly path.

Don’t point out the “flaws” in your quilts. You know where all of them are because you work six inches from the quilt. Most people won’t notice them, and even if they do they won’t say anything negative about them. If some does say something you have my permission to show them the door, and hand them their hat.

There is good technique, and there is fun. Do both.

Happy Quilting!


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