A Travelogue

It’s snowing outside. Snow isn’t one of the few of my favorite things. I know this shocks my family sometimes however I can live quite nicely without snow. And yet, there it is. Please don’t ask if I’m prepared for this eventuality because I’m not. Nope. Not. Not really in any significant way.

That said, I’m going to share about a couple of shops. Let’s start with Farm Fresh Fabrics located in Bath NY. I found out something really cool about Jennifer. Her husbands family is related to one of the BVS’ers I knew way back in time. There’s good parking behind the shop and I like her way of displaying panels. They are on pants hangers on a clothing rack, making them easy to see. There’s lots of great fabrics and some fun gift related items. As the family are farmers there is a refrigerator case with fresh beef and other items. I liked that! If I’d been going straight home…

Quilters Corner in Ithaca NY is so fun. It’d been ages since my last visit to the Finger Lakes so this shop was a priority on my must see list. They moved and are in their own building. The variety of fabric and notions is really good and they are a babylock dealer. Ithaca is a college and tourist town so there is much to do and see.

I will share more in a day or two as I need to get a move on here. There are shops to see.

Happy Stitching,


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