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Quilt Market Kansas City Here I come

Just so ya know this will be a little bit of Spring Market with some forethought to Fall Market.

Spring Quilt Market is just around the corner. While my tickets are purchased, and housing procured there are hard due dates between now and then. Big due dates. And work to do. Did I mention the due dates? Part of the work between now and then is getting ready for Seven tips for Cultivating Great Staff on Sunday morning. I’d love to see you there.

As an aside, if you are a shop owner in NY or NJ and would like to meet with me at Market I have some appointments available.

I’m also looking forward to Fall Market. Yes friends it’s a long way away but it’ll be here before you know it and will be here. I’ve been talking about Threads of Success a lot lately. I’ve mentioned that going to Quilt Market is essential for people in the industry whether you are a shop owner, fabric designer, author, writer, pattern designer. I understand that finances play a part in our ability to attend. Quilt Market is more than a trade show it’s a place to make connections and explore, to see opportunities and new product, to actively have a voice in our industry, our community. Our quilting world is a fascinating place and seeing the whole of it encapsulated in one place is a good thing. Threads of Success is essentially for individuals wanting to break into the industry in some way.

I can also see this being a good refresher for those in the quilt business who might need a bit of a refresh/reboot. Sometimes returning to, revisiting the basics makes a big difference in how we’re approaching our work. We may see something that we’ve missed along the way, might hear an old idea in a new way, hear something simple that will make a big change in what we’re doing.

An essential component of Quilt Market is the networking. The networking is in part about making connections that are mutually beneficial, there is also the friendship and camaraderie that develops over time. It’s great to another designer, sales rep, long arm quilter, machine dealer to talk things over with, to bounce ideas off, and to support. Yes I get the nature of this, we are in business and we need to be making money in order to have a roof over our heads, and eat (not to mention all the other necessities of life). I can tell you I’m watching one shop owner grow by leaps and bounds right now through making and working connections. It’s brilliant and I support her fully. And further I’m hearing great things about her from other business owners. This is good. Very good.

As mentioned before the beginning of 2019 my word of the year is BUILD. There are places I can see this happening. I will do what I can to help my shops grow. Let me know if I’ll see you at Market.

Happy Building,


PS I’ll be at the Lancaster Quilt Show on Saturday.

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