2019 Word of the Year – Build

Right now I’m sitting at the computer in my sewing room, My favorite movie trilogy on in the background, a quilt basted, ready to be quilted, and I’m in the middle of a tidy up. I’m tidying up because I’m not quite sure how to quilt this quilt, and it needs to be out the door very soon. So of course I’ve paused the tidying up to write a blog post reflecting on Build, my 2019 word of the year.


Color Wheel Companion side one

As “word of the year” build is a good one. Holding within an intention, a goal, a need, and a desire. I built a book. That was building in action that’s for sure. That building part was hard, fraught with the self-doubt, second-guessing, and some grandiose notions that this will be the best book ever. Pffft, it’ll be enjoyed and embraced by some, panned and dismissed by others, and that’s fine, because i built a book. Well, there’s a team, I could not have done this without C&T. They are amazing and I love them to bits. There are friends who contributed to the building, reminding me that I can do this. We all need friends who loan us their tools at times. Or shove us through doors.

I’ll be hosing a cover reveal sometime after January 20th, 2020 so please stay tuned.

I worked on building relationships. That, as you well know, is difficult as it requires, like writing, a level of vulnerability that is challenging. I was reminded that sometimes that vulnerability will be honored and reciprocated, and sometimes it’s not. While I thought I was doing my best, perhaps it wasn’t my best that was needed, perhaps it was more, or different. The relationship part needs to be worked on some more. More building.

I built a few quilts, one that I’ll get to show you in the new year, probably after spring Market as it’s going in a magazine. More on this as the time gets closer.

Building isn’t easy, requiring a plan with steps laid out, or at least a semblance of a plan with a good idea for how to carry out the big details. For major pieces of 2019 there was a plan and did my best to follow it, and wing it when necessary as some things were not in my control. That happens as you know. Like driving in a blizzard, that really wasn’t in my plan however I did it and will do my best not to do that again. Building, I’ve come to understand, isn’t a solo activity, there are other people involved. Building requires coordination, flexibility, and a sense of humor. I’ve got the sense of humor and to some degree know how to develop a community, the other bits I’ve got to work on.

As we’re quilters here we build on our skill set over time. In 2020 I will be a quilter for 27 years. That’s some building. In some ways I feel like I’m just hitting my stride, developing my own voice, writing my own words. I’ve know for many years that quilting isn’t simply about me, it’s about us. It always has been about us. Quilting is relational. Quilting is communal. Relationships and community are in need of attention. Keeping that going here on TerifiCreations has been challenging as so much of what I’ve been doing isn’t for the blog, at least not yet. Twenty-twenty, if only I could imagine.


Oh yes, that is my 2020 word of the Year. With that I’m going to have a give away. One year ago this month Wanderlost was published in modern patchwork (f&w). Please comment below and let me know how you take your coffee, or tea. On January 7th I’ll draw two winners (US only due to postage costs) and ship the magazines out shortly after that.

Happy Stitching!


9 thoughts on “2019 Word of the Year – Build”

  1. terryknott – I enjoy the process of making a quilt from start to finish. It is fun to use a variety of fabric types from batik to Civil War reproductions--although not in the same project! I ALWAYS have more projects started than I finish these days and I'm trying to turn those works in progress into finished quilts.
    terryknott says:

    Tea black; coffee with almond milk foamed with cinnamon sprinkled. . .variety and options are what work best for me!

  2. Decaf Coffee with International Sugar free Delights. Sometimes I foam it up to make me feel special…lol 😊 it doesn’t really work, feeling extra special that is but it taste good! Then I sprinkle it with cinnamon or chocolate depending on the flavor.
    And of course I drink my flavored herbal teas throughout the day…🍵. Love your blog!

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