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2021 Word of the Year, Virtual Quilt Festival and Fear

Normally I do this post as a solo however 2020 is not normal. Quite frankly I don’t know of a “normal” year. At the beginning of 2020 I had no way if Image-ing that on November 30, 2020 I would be sitting at my kitchen island sipping afternoon coffee and writing this blog post. I could not Imagine the loneliness of my husband and I living apart for nearly two months with no real possibility of seeing people and getting help that I needed to pack up twenty-two years of living in one place. I couldn’t Imagine not traveling to promote my book. In my Imagination 2020 looked very different. And yet here we are and doing the best we can with what we have. That I can always Imagine. As I started reflecting on 2020 and the wild ride this year has been so far I began to think about 2021, as one does. I have my Monk Manual, I’m getting a planner, the white board is in the laundry room (I’ll have one down the road in my sewing studio) and then there’s all the stuff for doing the things to promote the book, the camera, the lights, the software and the ideas.

All of this led to my 2021 Word of the Year #2021wordoftheyear #wordoftheyear

Show Up

Yep. I’m going to show up at my desk to write, and at my machine(s) to quilt. I’ll explain more about this Word of the Year as we get closer to the beginning of 2021

Virtual Quilt Festival

Virtual Quilt Festival begins Thursday! Follow this link to register and start checking out the classes. I have to give Quilts Inc kudos for getting this off the ground and running. As mentioned earlier 2020 has had a strange life of its own and here we are doing big shows virtually. If the faculty is any indication the Quilts Inc Education office has pulled off a great show. Virtual Quilt Market will be in January. I will attend what I can this week and let you know how things go from an attendee’s point of view., which I don’t get to do with Festival very often. I’ve not attended Festival for a few years and was excited to be able to teach this year (moved to 2021).

Thursday I’m doing a three hour presentation with the Sewing Machine Station in Brentwood TN. Give them a call for more information and to sign up. (615) 373-1600

PS For Craft Napa & Cyber Monday I am offering Free Shipping (Domestic Only – My apologies!) on Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting. Click on the link under the book which will take you to the page to purchase.

Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “2021 Word of the Year, Virtual Quilt Festival and Fear”

  1. I don’t think I chose a word for last year… and I think it would have/should have been COPING. Although I think I was busier and got more things done, just not in the Creative Spaces!!! I thought about a word for this year… but decided I didn’t want to. I hadn’t even given a thought to a word for next year, but now that you bring it up…

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