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Upcoming, Instagram Share and Reminders


Poppy Quilt N Sew Classes
April 12: Demo Day – I’ll be at the shop in the classroom to demo free-motion machine quilting and a bit of ruler work. There are plans afoot to show some of this live.
Classes: all are 10:30 to 2:30
April 24 & May 1 – Beginner Free-Motion Quilting
April 27 & May 4 – Beginner Free-Motion Quilting
May 12 & May 26 – Advanced Beginner Free-Motion Quilting & Intro to Ruler Work
May 15 & May 22 – Advanced Beginner Free-Motion Quilting & Intro to Ruler Work

I’d love to have you join me for classes. Here’s the shop contact information: poppyquiltnsew@gmail.com and (512) 863-6108.

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Y’all know I’m on this journey to learn longarm quilting on the HandiQuilter Moxie and spent time in Utah in December setting it up and learning how to load the quilt, do ruler work, yada yada. And then there’s how I learn, a little bit by doing, a little bit by checking out vids, a little bit by wondering what the heck I’m doing wrong, and trying to problem solve it. I’m New. I have access to GREAT teachers. The company had Amazing videos readily available. I also, have a particular style of learning that eventually leads to teaching (I have Zero plans to teach long arm quilting) so I am hardwired to think things through and work them out. This video shows one of the things I’ve worked out and one of the things I need to change. I really need to stop at the home supply store this week as lowering the machine will help a lot as my arms sometimes get tired. I need to go to the naughty quilters corner and let the muscles that are stretched out in the quilting relax. SET that Timer Teri.

One of these days I’m going to make posters filled with reminders:

Set at timer for 20 to 46 minute then get up and stretch
Learning is hard work!
Sometimes things go haywire
Why be Normal?
Sometimes fun is disguised as frustration
Bobbins run out in the most awkward of places, even ones with 100 weight thread

Also we’re having corned beef & cabbage tonight and I need to go get carrots. And dairy, I need dairy. Also I have some reading to do. Also I’m weird.

Also JULY JULY I love ya JULY! oooh a teaser!

Happy Quilting


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  1. Love your poster idea. I need to do that as well. Yes, the longarm has it’s learning curves. In my move, hubby and I re-set up my Avante in my studio. 1st quilt on the frame, I ran into a problem. After conversations with Handi-Quilter, I ordered a new encoder. But, before it arrived, we followed the advice from one of the techs I spoke to. I loosed the tracks, and now she sings like a bird. Anyone need a new encoder???? I never opened the box!

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