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One Stitch at a Time

Happy Monday Friends! What’s on your quilting agenda this week?

As of this moment there are some behind the scenes things to do that I’m excited about. I’m going to video quilting on the Handi Quilter Moxie quilting a quilt with rulers. I’m stupidly excited about having the ruler base to rest my hand on when I’m quilting. I know I’m not the only one who does this, it is a thing. I’m also teaching Beginner and Advanced Beginner Quilting at my local quilt shop, as I do one of the fascinating realizations in the differences between quilting on the home machine and long arm. The basic is the pencil over the paper, or the paper under the pencil; the next up is the visual and physical space. Watch for a YouTube video later this week.

I’m also looking for I’d like to say my creativity is returning however I’d say a bit more accurately that there is enough of the stressful life stuff out of the way that I can really dig into doing the work of being creative. In a conversation with a good friend over the last few weeks she mentioned that she’s seeing a level of creativity she hasn’t seen in a while. Long term worry and stress can do that to us friends. Over the last three months Big Ideas for books have taken up residence in the great space between my ears. It is in part ideas, which is in and of itself good, it’s also full on seeing how this can happen. Which is even better, because in the seeing it I can pitch it well enough to C&T for it to make sense and actually be considered for publication.

With that in mind and two spreadsheets with enough in them I contacted them, after a long vid call there is a strong direction to go in. After the call I needed to go to the store for food, we do have to eat now and again. Let’s call this the thinking hour for upon my return home the spreadsheet and I were joined at the hip and quite unlike Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting I can see this book with a clear idea of imagery and thoughts on accomplishing this one.

It’s supposed to be really rainy this week and right now we have a strong line of thunderstorms just to the west of us. I was going to film on the long arm this afternoon it is remaining unplugged for now, once the storms pass that will change.

You know how we all have childhood memories? I remember my parents telling me that in this kind of storm the angels are bowling and one got a strike! Hooray angels.

Happy stitching,

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