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Quilted Features: Quilt Basket & Cutie Patterns

Today begins a new, long term series Quilted Features, this will cover all the interesting things I would have covered at Quilt Market. I’m slowly reaching out to companies who were going to vend at Quilt Market for an opportunity to show off their wares, new fabric lines, notions, patterns, or the quilt/sewing related things they already have. I’ve reached out to C&T to contact a few of the newer authors that their books caught my attention. This First Quilted Feature is the Quilt Basket & Cutie Patterns. Cathy Anderson, her daughter Sarah Fabian own Quilt Basket and Cutie Patterns, and Debby Brown is, along with Cathy, first designer and long time quilter.

Please enjoy:

Here are all the links:
Cutie Patterns – the Wholesale website
Quilt Basket – Main website
Quilt Basket – Facebook page
Quilt Basket – Instagram
Quilt Basket – YouTube
Grandpa Quilts – Facebook

Debby Brown

Island Batik, Windham, Moda, Northcott, Benartex

Cutie packs are such a fun way to buy fabric, and pairing them with the Cutie Patterns makes them even better. One thing I love is the directions are clear and easy to follow.

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