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Quilted Features: Michael Miller Fabrics & Rob Appell

This afternoon Brandy Maslowski, the Quilter on Fire will release her Christmas podcast with Rob Appell, Michael Miller Fabrics National Sales Manager and formerly of Man Sewing with Missouri Star. Rob started out this work in the quilting world as the machine tech in his mom’s quilt shop in CA, learning essentially from the ground up, working with quilters and eventually becoming a quilter himself. Making it Fun with Rob Appell on YouTube is the newest video adventure with Michael Miller Fabrics.

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In our conversation Rob and I talk about Creativity, sobriety and his great joy and a really Fabulous Quilt, the block of the month that is the background during the interview, it is a delightfully vibrant and simple quilt that has a complex look to it. The pattern is available on Charisma Horton’s website. Check with your local quilt shop for the Block of the Month, the pattern and the fabric. As this is made with Basics collections this will be available for a long time and Bonus Rob and Charisma made videos that will release monthly.

Mike, pictured above, travels with Rob and appears in the Making it Fun videos. He’s much more social media savvy than Rob (by Rob’s own admission) and gives Rob all the cool social media ideas.

In the interview Rob talks about the banner he made for his friends booth at a Tattoo show: WOW

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Thank you so much for joining me in this quilting journey.

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