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I’m leavin’ (left) on a jet plane, I’ll be back Sunday morning

My suitcases are packed, almost. Clothes are in the laundry.

SLC Quilt Festival is here.

I have copies of my book ready to sign.

And Batt Scooters!

And Batt Snipps.

well I was going to post this yesterday and the day, as happens, got away from me. Good reason of course: washer repair tech, errands, window guys to replace the window that had one pane shatter while I was in Nebraska, then dinner with my Sweetie and bed.

On our way to the airport I checked the app for the airline and learned that my flight was delayed just long enough that I would miss my next flight. As a teacher traveling has challenges and this is one of them. Instead of checking myself in at one of the kiosks I went to talk to one of the customer service people. She got me booked on an earlier direct flight. So I arrived in SLC a little early. In just a few moments I’ll unpackish for the next few days setting up what I need for Doodle Your Way to better Quilting tomorrow afternoon.

I’m heading to the Salt Palace Convention Center early in the day to check in and walk the show floor. I will have copies of my book with me.


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