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Happy Wednesday Friends!

I posted this on one of the social media channels yesterday:

Musings over coffee:
Quilting is a gift filled with promise, hope, simplicity, complexity, beauty, hot messness. Each one of us gets to show the sublime uniqueness of our self, it is sometimes incredibly vulnerable and sometimes guarded like a castle surrounded by a deep, wide moat.

Teri Lucas Quilt Market 2022

This is the first Quilt Market since 2019, leading up to it there was a deep desire to not go, this wasn’t helped by getting an allergy induced sinus infection. Sometimes the best thing to do is what we don’t want to do, so I gathered all the things, packed the car and drove to Houston. As you can see by the social media posts above and below it was essential to go.

My own personal creative wine glass filled to overflowing from seeing friends, new product coming soon to a retailer near you, and some opportunities that I hope to develop, including a couple of retreats.

I’m adding here to nine of the best reasons to come to Houston for Quilt Market and Festival: the delightful quilters in my Beginner Free-Motion Machine quilting class on Tuesday. This is one place I wish I would get pictures, I get so caught up in being with the eager quilters I forget!

Over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing fabric lines from Windham, Northcott, Timeless Treasures and others releasing over the next year. There are some good ones including Summertime for the 2023 Row by Row Experience. This was the very first theme of the Row by Row Experience, and is a delightful collection that includes picnic scenes, lavender sprigs, butterflies and hydrangeas. I can see many a good row created by this line. In speaking with Janet Lutz, creator of the Row by Row Experience over 100 shops have already signed up with more signing up after they arrive home from Market and get their ducks in a row. Thursday Janet and Marcia will host Thursday Shenanigans from the floor at Quilt Festival.

Thank you for joining me on this quilterly adventure with it’s ups and downs and places where things feel like they are going sideways. I appreciate you sticking with me through this all.

Happy Quilting!


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