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The Big Ask

Last night I had the privilege of walking the Quilt Festival vendor floor for a couple of hours before I left for home. More on that in a moment.

Wednesday began with the lecture, Quilting Motifs and Color, that I was certain was at 10 but was actually at 9 and it was at 9 not at 10 and I made it with 15 minutes to spare and I am so, so so grateful for the quilters who picked up on the panic and helped me get ready! Thank you so much for your help and for so actively participating in the lecture.

Quilting Motifs and Color is a new to Houston lecture this year picking up on Quilt as Desired, and How Would I Quilt This now? kind of theme. As quilters we all begin somewhere and from there take the steps that allow us to figure out who we are as quilters. I am a free-motion machine quilter on a home sewing machine. As I shared each quilt, what the problems are, and how I would quilt them now, some with the most basic changes, like quilting the border of 49 Pieces of Chocolat, because while wool batting can be quilted up to five inches apart one cannot leave an entire five inch border unquilted. I am sure you are as shocked by this as I was the first time I washed this quilt.

We then went over to the floor laid out two big quilts and using HandiQuilter Preview Paper (click the photo for athe link) and dry erase markers showed the quilters a few options and explained why I would change a few things as well as some of the basic design principles behind the why.

So now for

The Big Ask

In talking with Calico Gals and another shop in Connecticut I am putting together a tour of the northeast. If you know of a shop or guild where I can speak, teach and/or have a book signing please let me, and them know. Let me know so I can reach out to them, let them know so they will either expect me to reach out to them or they can reach out to me for dates and times. My email address is terificreations at gmail dot com.

Stay tuned for more on Market, and the Festival.

Happy Quilting,


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