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Quilt! Quilt! Organize

Last week a neighbor who is moving to the Northeast and is posting a few things on the neighborhood facebook page. So I picked up a 3 x 3 storage cube, complete with fabric cubes to store stuff in. The wire rack, while it is still a mess looks a lot tidier now that the book are not on it. They are all on the 3×3. The cubes will be used to further tidy up different things both on the wire rack and on the top shelf of the fabric storage unit.

You can see that I’m in the midst of a tidy up which is always a bit of a mess. So far I’ve emptied five or six boxes, including some books I’d been looking for. I donated somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty pounds of magazines to a local place.

This weekend">Shop at ctpub.comC&T Publishing (affiliate link) is having a Memorial Day Sale Saturday – Monday 5/27, 28 and 29, featuring 50% off all e-books. This is a great weekend to get all the e-books, including Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting, start browsing today. Stay tuned to The Book Report for reviews posted over the weekend. I’m recording this afternoon. I’m going to include the following books:

There are a few new products I’ll be featuring, one just has me all giddy!

And remember that Piecing Palooza happens June 29th. Follow the link to my post on the Palooza and get your code for a $20 discount.

Stay tuned for an announcement for two classes, one on Zoom and one at a quilt shop here in TX.

Happy Quilting,

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