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Choosing Motifs Part 2.1Serendipity

Serendipty. One of the definitions is "an aptitude for making delightful discoveries by accident". In other words it just happens, it's not planned. This little bit of a quilt just happened. The due date was quickly approaching and Mary Kerr emailed me asking if I was submitting something for her book Cutting Edge Art Quilts.… Continue reading Choosing Motifs Part 2.1Serendipity

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An Interview with Katherine McPherson

Teri's Note: I met Mary Kerr, Katherine's mom, a few years ago through the Quilt Professionals Network. I am privileged to be featured in one of Mary's books, Cutting Edge Art Quilts. While Mary was working on the book her daughter, Katherine, went into pre-term labor and delivered the BeeBops. Mary shared this on fb… Continue reading An Interview with Katherine McPherson

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Somethings in life are worth the wait

Here it is. "Cutting-Edge Art Quilts" by Mary W. Kerr published by Schiffer .  If you're interested the book can be purchased directly from Mary.  It has that new book smell and sound to it.  You know the one, where ya gotta go get your nose into it.  Sorta like (but not quite) when we were… Continue reading Somethings in life are worth the wait

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Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr

Mary Kerr announced on facebook the other day that her book, "Cutting Edge Art Quilts" has been released and should be in book stores later this week.  I'm so excited for her.  In the middle of writing this book her Beebops were born prematurely and the book was put on hold while she spent several… Continue reading Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr

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Cutting Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr

I met Mary Kerr a couple of years ago in a business class for quilters she taught at Maine Quilts.  Very shortly after this Mary sent out an invitation to a number of quilters to submit quilts for her new book now titled "Cutting-Edge Art Quilts" being published by Schiffer in the spring of 2013.… Continue reading Cutting Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr