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Quilting This Week

A Name and a Purpose is taking shape and form.  Meet "Lenny" in process. The overall look will change over time as the overall idea takes shape. Thread spools sit next to the machine excitedly waving for attention at each thread change. Sometimes they get picked, sometimes I head to the drawer for another color. They'll… Continue reading Quilting This Week

B 790

It all started when

So, a few weeks ago I brought Jeannie, my BERNINA 790 home with me. BERNINA clearly tweaked a couple of things, the position of the bobbin, made the tension more responsive, and added some seriously cool features, like the stitch designer. The feature of the day "Adaptive Tension". As a quilter I'm accustomed to changing the tension… Continue reading It all started when

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the back of Quantum Leap

Today I'm sharing the back of Quantum Leap. Here are 7 individual blocks from the back. The quilting really shows from the back right now with the high contrasting colors. I'll be excited to get to the border soon. Enjoy! Happy Quilting! Teri


Go Mini part 2

I woke up this morning with a brilliant blog post on my mind. Do you think I can remember what I was writing in my sleep?  Only snippets based on my whole theory of quilt making, "Your Quilt, Your Rules" and conversations I've had with quilters in the last few weeks.  When I talk to … Continue reading Go Mini part 2

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3.5 million pebbles

or quilting quilting quilting I am working on Quantum Leap.  Nothing like a due date to get motivation to set in.  It's due to Jeanie on my birthday!  YAY.  I love that part.  I'm celebrating this quilt as I go along and this will be a great way to celebrate my birthday. To stitch out… Continue reading 3.5 million pebbles