Wonderful Compliment

Every once in a while I go through periods where I just wonder if pursuing a career in quilting is what I’m supposed to be doing. Things slow down, doors seem to close, you know, stuff happens.

Since September of 2004 I’ve been a member of the Quilts Your Way Message Board and post there. Sometimes members will post messages that they’re stuck with something and need some help. I’ll respond to the best of my ability. This week another member of the Board, Donna, posted this:

Erica and Teri gave you excellent information…Teri’s teaching skills come out and I like to save her information for when I teach my classes!!! She makes them sound very straight forward and simple. Thank you Teri!!!

I wasn’t expecting this and quite frankly was a bit surprised and deeply honored. Thanks so much.


PS – Quilting is a beautiful way of life, everything fits together piece by piece

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  1. Your teaching skills are outstanding! Although I don’t use your advice for teaching classes, I certainly use it when helping my DD.

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