Tips for Having a Productive Quilting Day

Make a plan for the day. As I sipped coffee and read the news and the visited various sites I visit in the morning I made a plan for the day. Breakfast, tidy up my mother in laws apartment, start the laundry, tidy up the house, quilt for hours, make dinner. That’s a good plan for the day. It’s a plan I like and I’m sticking to it. (well I think so anyway)

Be flexible things will change. I know in my life from very practical experience that things will change, I will need to make some kind of change in my planning that will effect the rest of the day. Today is no different. Read on, you’ll see.

Get a good nights sleep – this is essential. Waking up frequently during the night does not help. This makes for a tired, unmotivated and foggy minded quilter in the morning. A good nights rest gets the creative juices flowing, keeping the energy level up. So what happens to me last night, I’m waking up on and off all night long. (There is a reason I’m sharing this, all will be made clear in just a few paragraphs). This morning as he’s getting out of bed, my dh turns off the alarm, I was actually grateful for that, however I’d wanted to get an earlier start on my day. I can’t be annoyed with him though, I’m a big girl and could have gotten out of bed at 6 when I woke up the first time. Well, not the first time, but you know what I mean.

Have a good breakfast. As the old saying goes, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or “a good breakfast is a good breakfast”. Okay so, I just made that up. I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing here. And with the lack of sleep and the big change in plans I need something special to get them flowing freely. After the coffee I actually had a good breakfast. Two egg omlette with Canadian bacon and goat cheese. Yum. Good grief, I still have to do the dishes! Yikes.

Get the basic chores done. Did that. Sorted and started the laundry. Tidied up my dmil’s apartment. Good start. Decided to wait until tomorrow to vacuum our place since I really, really want to get into the sewing room. So, shower time, see I’m flexible when I need to be. (All right, you caught me, I just really didn’t want to clean, I really want to pet fabric. I do have my priorities.) This was practical too as I decide to clean our potty. So I open the cupboard to get the bleach (cleans and sanitizes all in one shot, how much better does it get?). I see blue goop all over the bottom of the cupboard. What is it I ask? Did I mention I’ve got bleach in the potty and now I need to pee? Great planning on my part. Why can’t I coordinate myself this morning?

I’m thinking the toilet bowl cleaner leaked, this will take just one minute to clean up. No big deal right. I start pulling bits and pieces out of the cupboard. More blue goop. I know I used the toilet bowl cleaner, how much could there possibly be? Then I look a little deeper. Oh no. It can’t be. Yep, it sure is. Blue Shampoo that we keep on hand in gallon size for the cats. It’s been leaking for a while there’s maybe a pint left in the bottle. I start pulling things out to see where it seeped. I have to pull out the drawers now as it’s flooded all over the bottom shelf. I pull out all of the cleaning stuff, start rinsing that off in warm water. Did I mention I really, really need to go to the potty and I’ve got bleach in there?

I’m rinsing stuff off and start using a sponge to clean up the goop. Effective, but not particularly efficient with nearly 3 quarts of blue goop all over the bottom of the cupboard. I then grab my t-shirt and start using that, it’s a lot bigger than my sponge. Then I’m realizing that I’m going to need to toss a few things so I get the trash bag then start scraping some of the blue shampoo into the trash bag. That helped a lot. I got most of it up. I hit my head on the cabinet because I wasn’t paying attention to where my head was in relation to where I was reaching in to wipe up more blue goop.

I need to rinse out the t-shirt. It can only hold so much blue goop. So I reach into the tub to turn on the water and as I’m backing out I scrape my shoulder on the corner sink (there is less than a 6″ gap between the tub and the sink/cabinet). Rinse. Wipe up more blue goop. Repeat.

See. I’m flexible. I shifted gears to clean blue goop out of a cabinet. I’m clean now. My finger and toe nails have never been whiter. I’m hoping that my t-shirt will return to that sparkling white it was when my husband bought it for me years ago. After all it is a whitening shampoo so there’s a good possibility.

So now I get to go change over the laundry, finish the dishes and go clean my sewing room. Then maybe tomorrow I can have a good quilting day.

Happy quilting!


8 thoughts on “Tips for Having a Productive Quilting Day”

  1. Oh man, been there-done that!!! I like surprises but not THAT kind… LOL

    I hope you have a better day, tomorrow, Teri.


  2. Your article is great. It reminds me that having a plan during the day is the way to go. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and go right to my sewing room and start to play and before you know it it’s 4:30 PM and I’m still in my pJ’s and feeling disgusted with myself for not being better organized; I get so focused in my sewing room that I forget about time and then I rush around like a crazy woman to get things done and it takes away from my quilting experience that I accomplished that day. This doesn’t happen all the time but I think if I don’t pay attention this could become a problem. Thanks again Teri for that productive article. Tomorrow I’m certainly going to be more focused.and organized. I find sitting for long periods of time is certainly a no no that is going to change also.

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