Today is a perfect day for quilting

It’s raining. It’s chilly. It’s gray outside. The light is perfect for sitting in the sewing room and quilting. Because we’re expected to have rainy weather through Saturday I’d hoped to get some quilt related work done.


What’s preventing me you might ask? Well, cleaning. I need to clean the house. My family needs a tidy house. Ok its me really, me who needs the house clean. Not anything pristine mind you. Just tidy works for me. In my life Thursday is cleaning day, unless of course I’m going away for the weekend then it’s packing and finishing everything in a hurry ’cause I’m on a deadline day. After dinner the dishes get done, that’s it! I decided a long time ago that either I can quilt or spend time with my husband in the evenings. He works hard all day so it was an easy choice to make. He doesn’t mind if I quilt in the evening, he’ll usually fiddle around on the internet and we’ll have some delightful conversations. These conversations are incredibly well timed, just as I’m ready to get up and stretch anyway.

What else? Well, there are things that need to be done for the quilt show. I need to meet with my co-chair, work on an article or two with her, send an email or three out to committee members for various things, find sources for some extra funding for things we need, make quilts to enter into the show and well, the list goes on and on and on. This doesn’t even include the challenge with my friend in Maine.

Then there’s errands to run today. Yep. After I’m done tidying up, I actually have to get dressed to leave. Yikes, that puts a damper on the whole quilting experience doesn’t it.

Hmmn, then there’s dinner to think about. That really puts a damper on quilting for me. First of all cooking is not my thing. Baking let me have at it. Putting dinner together is a CHORE. Yuck, I’d sooner clean the . . .well, I’d rather not go there! Anyway as we speak I have bread drying out in the oven to make bread crumbs later today for meat loaf. Since it’s such a gray day meatloaf seems like a great choice. I have sweet potatoes already mashed and I can pick up veggies while I’m out. Dinner, done!

I will work some quilting in today, despite the fact that there’s other things going on today. Quilting is a passion, work and hobby all rolled into one. How much better does it get than that?

Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “Today is a perfect day for quilting”

  1. I sure hope you were able to get some quilting in. You deserve after doing something as yucky as cleaning. Especially if you are working on the challenge.


  2. Teri, I stopped in at DM’s yesterday and saw, with my own eyes, the quilt that she is making for the challenge and

    IT’S GONNA BE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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