I want to daily choose to look at life as a series of challenges that help me grow and become a better person and quilter. I enjoy opportunities to learn and share my love of all things quilty. So, what’s the rant? It’s not so easy to share as I don’t want to cause scandal and yet something needs to be said.

About 2 1/2 years ago our quilting world was rocked with the end of Simply Quilts. We wrote letters, made phone calls and still no new SQ episodes. We watched episodes carefully writing the names of the sponsors, called & wrote them to save our SQ. Did it work? No. The sad reality is that the show came to an end. Simply faded away.

What’s my rant? Rumors that Alex was the one who ended things with the network. Rumors abound that’s the nature of rumors. The grow like pernicious weeds and can cause lots of damage. Another rumor I’ve heard is that Alex left SQ to begin The Quilt Show. Both of these rumors are not true. The network ended Alex’s contract and Simply Quilts. (They are just now beginning to realize the error of their ways and the impact and are showing the shows again.) It was the networks decision, not Alex’s! Alex did not leave to begin The Quilt Show, the opportunity for The Quilt Show came about after Simply Quilts ended. In fact Alex was prohibited from doing anything for a period of one year after the network ended the show! I can not begin to imagine being contractually bound to not do anything on tv or the internet in a field I love for any period of time. It’s the truth, the network did this. Not Alex.

And even still another rumor is that Alex is getting residuals from the rebroadcast of the SQ episodes. Nope, not a cent here either. Any revenue that is coming in from the rebroadcast goes directly to the network.

And, at this point neither she nor Ricky are making money off this new venture. Just thinking about this that even with under 23, 500 registered members they have a bare bones budget. Okay, there are sponsors and they’re kicking in funding, however equipment needs to be purchased, the website needs to be maintained, there are traveling expenses, food expenses, sundry expenses (things like toilet paper, scissors, fabric), video equipment and the list goes on. From an extremely reliable source, it is my understanding that for the web services they’re offering (blogs, messaging forums, chat room, & storage area for our photos, etc) costs way over $10,000 per month!! That number does NOT include the cost (production) of each show. Whew! We’re getting a lot for our $25/year membership!!!

I don’t know about you but our household expenses have risen to the point where I’m not sure that I can continue in my own business adventures (used adventure on purpose). I’m thinking I might have to find a part-time job that will allow me to continue begin at home with my mom-in-law and run the guild quilt show. Yikes

Okay! Done. Stepping off the soap box now, back to reality. Soon to return “How to Run a Successful Quilt Show” Part 3. (thanks DM for the reminder! =-)

2 thoughts on “Rant”

  1. First let me just say BRAVO WELL SAID!!!! I happend to know that everything you just said is true.

    Second you are on part 3 not 4 of running a succesful quilt show.LOL


  2. Teri, your “soap box” IS reality.

    I think that there are people out there, in the big quilting world, who take everything too personally. (I wonder if they are the same ones who are still bothered by Alex shutting down her message board? Probably. Even though they still signed up on The Quilt Show!) Alex didn’t “stop the tape,” to irritate THEM! HGTV “stopped the tape!” Sheeeeeesh!!!!! *Wasn’t there over a 2 year gap between finishing taping SQ and taping The Quilt World, anyway…..?*

    There, now I feel better too!!! Thanks, Teri, for the momentary podium… LOL

    Have an adventurous day! The ladies are coming over for a sew-day, in a few minutes, and I wish you were here!


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