I enjoy card shops almost as much as I enjoy fabric shops. There is a level of creativity that is incredibly inspiring. I’m always amazed that such beauty can come from paper that has been printed on and folded. Simply amazed. Cards & paper can evoke in me a lot of the same memories and feelings I experience with fabric & quilts. Maybe I’m more sentimental than I realize. Oh, well, maybe that’s a great thing.

Just as I have a favorite local quilt shop I have a few favorite card shops. Papyrus, The Blue Tulip and Kensington Paper top my list. Great cards and stationary can be found at Barnes & Noble, CVS and Staples. One of the neat things I’m seeing at several shops is cards with little bits and bobs and things. It seems as though many of these cards are hand crafted. I’m sincerely hoping so with the prices they’re charging. There seems to be a level of pride and care taken that is just really inspiring. And the photography is incredible.

So yesterday, I’m in one of the card shops wasting time until going to pick up dmil. I looked at the tissue paper, it even has glitter these days. I looked at the journals, leather, moleskin and everything else. I looked at the stationary, a lot of it reminds me of the fabrics currently on the market. I started looking at cards. And the first word I came to was “dad”. I wasn’t quite ready for the feelings evoked here. I was sad for a moment realizing that last year was the last time I bought a card for dad’s birthday. I didn’t know it would be the last, most of us have no clue when the last this or that will happen. It’s just the last. I miss dad. I miss the opportunities to call him and just chat. I miss the letter writing and the well thought out, slightly odd ball poetry. My dad loved April Fools Day probably more than any day of the year and took great delight in fooling anyone around. Dad passed away on April Fools Day this year. Yesterday morning was my moment to miss my dad.

As much as I like email I still like the feel of pen or pencil in hand to do the actual writing. Having beautiful paper is part of the process. I one had a catalog coming to the house that I would purchase paper & cards from on a regular basis. Just like fabric though, I like the tactile sensations of actually going into the shop. I like to pick up the cards & stationary just like I enjoy touching the fabric and notions.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog I enjoy pens. All kinds of pens. Pens & paper just go together in the same way that fabric & quilts go together. It’s just a natural match. I’ve searched for years looking for good pens and I must say that fountain pens are just the best. They can be a bit messy at times but the writing experience is beautiful. I have one currently however I need to replace the ink cartridge and that might mean a trip to Staples.

Happy Quilting!

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