Giz Tagged me twice in one post

How much fun is that! So I’ll do the 10/20/30 first

Ten Years Ago

Celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. That was so much fun. DH and I went camping on the Outer Banks of NC. We enjoy camping and enjoy the beach so it was perfect – the best of both worlds. For our special dinner we went to “The Back Porch” and had such an amazing dinner we bought their cook book.

Twenty Years Ago

I graduated from High School. I could hardly wait to move on to the next part of life. I was planning to go to college and become a teacher. About a year later I entered my first year of volunteer service and met the guy who would eventually become my husband.

Thirty Years Ago

The most thrilling thing about being 8 (going on 9) would have been summer vacation. Sleeping late, going to the park, swinging and spending time with friends. I loved summer vacation including the excitement of shopping for school clothes and supplies.

Now I need to think of a few people to tag and and to remember to post here.

And I have a quilt show meeting this morning too. Woohoo!!!

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