Yellow Lint

Laundry for me is one of my least favorite chores. Laundry always take two days no matter how hard I try to get finished in one day. The washer & dryer is in the basement where my dmil lives and when I head back upstairs I get busy sewing, cleaning, preparing dinner or whatever and the thought of laundry just goes right out of my head. Whoops? This usually increases the amount of ironing that must be done, however I like ironing clothes so it’s not a big deal.

So yesterday early afternoon I unfolded the bolt of Essence daffodil into the washer. Proceeded to get busy with all the workings of the day, including a nap because I’d stayed up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too late the night before and it was after 7:30 before I actually put said bolt of fabric into the dryer. My intention was to get it out before I went to bed, however I spent my evening in front of the computer preparing a mailing for a friend of mine. We do his mailings twice a year and this is one of those times. Envelope after envelope went into the printer and only one at a time can be done or else it just doesn’t print. So I was at the computer until almost 1 this morning. Point being I didn’t get to go take the fabric out of the dryer until about an hour ago.

When I opened the dryer door to get the fabric I immediately pulled out the lint screen. The entire thing was daffodil yellow. Usually I get a gray color lint or if I’m doing a lot of my husbands t-shirts I’ll get a red or dark pinkish color lint. This lint was just yellow, a pretty yellow. Now it’s in the little trash can that sits beside the soap and bleach and softener bottles, brightening that spot until there’s enough lint in the bag to toss it out.

So now the rest of the day will be focused on things other than sewing or quilting. There’s a bit of tidying up to do, thank you notes to prepare and lunch to make. Whew!

As I’m working in the office yesterday I saw this outside my window.

Yesterday, as well as today was a hugely gray, rainy day. The sky opened up for about 10 seconds and I had the presence of mind to capture this image.

Happy Quilting!

oh and here is some foliage I’m just loving the colors this year!!

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