In memory of dad

My dad was known in certain circles as “The Rotten Poet”, though it was a name he gave to himself, it kind of fit. Christmas, April Fools Day and birthdays were guaranteed days to have “rotten poetry” in our email boxes.

So, in memory of dad, in Celebration of Christmas here’s my “rotten poem”:

It’s well past dawn on Christmas day
Coffee’s made and sipped
The cinnamon rolls are a’rising
The gifts still need to be wrapped
One is still on the way!

I got up early from my slumber
kneaded dough
and cleansed the dishes
Gotta get out the tree
Oh won’t that be a number

That is if I can get to it…
The ironing board is in the way
not to mention the this and that
And off I go
Thinkin’ the cinnamon rolls will be a Christmas morning hit

Ham and Pineapple dressing
veggies, roasted mashed sweet potatoes
will be on our Christmas table!
Candles and a table cloth too
And I’m bringing out the good dishes

I just wanted to wish each and every one
Merry Christmas
And a peaceful New Year
(In memory of the Rotten Poet!)

The Rotten Poet’s
Eldlest daughter

I did find the pin cushion about 2 minutes after I finished posting on the blog. Way at the back of my 26″ deep table. Go figure! It was right there in plain sight!!

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