of cleaning hazards and inspiration

So, yesterday I go to my dmils apartment to clean. A once a week or so ritual for the last five years or so. This day begins like so many others, clean the bathroom, vacuum the carpet, a bit of dusting and so it goes.

I needed a new sponge. Dmil keeps these in the kitchen. I go under the sink to find the new sponges and I notice somethings off. It’s off, but I can’t quite put my finger on it and then it hits me. Memories of blue goo (the cat shampoo episode) but this is worse, if you can at all imagine.

The drain under the sink has been dripping water for a period of time. How long? I haven’t a clue. Kinda feel a bit dumb because I’m the cleaning lady and I hadn’t noticed this before. I really don’t get under the sink unless I have to, I should have noticed.

Change gears, go from whatever I was thinking I was going to do to cleaning out underneath the sink. Get the bucket. Whoops gotta empty said bucket first. Pull all of the cleaning stuff and whatnot out from the sink , now where do I put it? (Dmil’s apartment is small! Did I mention this before?) Find someplace to put said stuff.

Get the bucket under there to catch the drips. Now to get the pans out. Look at the time, drat! I’ve got to be in the shower in just a little bit because dmil has an appointment at 1:30 with the doctor, and I need to get a decent parking spot. Slide the pans toward the cabinet door and, UGH! slosh, water drips. . . look at clock again. Need to stop that clock watching it’s making me crazy.

Pans are too wide to slide out, now what do I do. Oh the bucket! I try my best to get the water in the bucket, more sloshing, more clock watching, I’m on a time limit here! I get the pans out and into the back yard. Thankfully we have some place to put them. They will be going into the trash for Monday as they’re not in good enough shape for recycle.

Dump the pan water into the toilet, flush, flush. Bleach, I need the bleach to sanitize the cabinet and bucket and floor. I forgot to mention that in my haste to get the pans out the back door, I dripped some on my socks (threw them right in the garbage). I get the cabinet cleaned out, the floor washed, the bucket clean and just as I’m finishing up dmil comes home. Usually I’m cleaning the house by the time she gets back. Still have to shower. Can’t go out looking like this. Yuck!

I get showered and tidied up just in time to head out the door. Whew. I washed my dirty clothes when I got home. I just realized I had the same shirt on yesterday as I had on the day I had to clean up the blue goo from under my cabinet! Thankfully I didn’t hit my head, scrape my arm or any other physical damage. I did want to bang my head against the wall, but it’s cinder block and that would hurt with a capital H.

Earlier in the week dh and I went to have dinner with friends of ours. Great dinner.

Before we arrived at their home we had a couple of errands to run. We picked up two packages of sharpie markers. These are some of the best markers ever.

I have a few pictures of how fun and inspiring they are. Last night I took them out of their package and put them in this jam jar I’ve had for years. Took them over to the couch, straightened out the quilts and snapped away!

Happy Quilting!

4 thoughts on “of cleaning hazards and inspiration”

  1. How pretty!! Those should bring a smile to your face all the time. I hope it drowns out the troubles of the morning.

  2. I think that shirt is bad luck and you need to get rid of it. Just love Sharpies as well but the kids keep stealing them.


  3. I have days like that! Especially having three children 3 and under. It’s days like that I really appreciate going to bed.

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