Flat Alice is Coming! Flat Alice is Coming!

I can’t begin to share with you how excited I am that Flat Alice is coming! Why would I possibly be excited that she’s coming? What are we going to do together? All in good time, all in good time.

JB and I have been friends for a long time. We’re what my friend Dawn Marie would call old friends, you know the kind that takes a long time to grow. We met back in the 80’s at her church and our friendship really blossomed when she began her year of volunteer service in 1990. (I see a friendship celebration some time in 2010! Any excuse for a party works for me!) Oh and JB when you read this let’s start thinking of some ideas for this celebration.

We were both married the same year about 4 weeks apart. She has 4 kids I have two cats. While my cats are no where near being the same as her children and certainly do not take the same time, I still have 2 cats.

JB called yesterday to ask if I’d help with her daughters homework. She made a brown craft paper cut out of her daughter and she’s sending her to me for a 5 week visit. I need to take photos & keep a journal of our time together.

Some of the places we’ll go include the coffee shop where I have coffee and write my book and some of the stories I’ve shared on this blog and have quilt show meetings with my co-chair (who does not have a blog) while I wait for my dmil while she’s at therapy.

Then there are the two quilt guild meetings. And Stew Leonards oh I have to take Flat Alice to Stew Leonards. JB’s husband is a dairy farmer so it just makes sense that I take Flat Alice to see where milk ends up after it leaves the farm. I don’t know if the usual critters are there right now, if so, a photo with the critters will be in order.

I want to “teach” Flat Alice how to piece and quilt while she’s here. Oh goodness now I have to get my sewing room tidied. (Any excuse to tidy that room is a good excuse) I have a “bed” for her – the design wall, I’m going to figure out how to keep her there without pinning her like a quilt block.

Lots of things to do while Flat Alice is here. And since I have several projects I’m working on right now so her help will be greatly welcomed!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I knew I picked the right friend to send Flat Alice to visit! Your column was hilarious! I’ve already printed it out for inclusion in F.A.’s diary! As far as a celebration goes, 20 years is worth celebrating! I think I should come up and we can go out on the town and let our hair down! LOL! I’ll talk to you later when I’m a bit less silly. JB

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