Friday afternoon musings

My gramma. A lovely lady with very straight white hair. She’ll be 92 in July and I hope to one day be her age and with her health. My dmil said gramma looks just like Mrs. Clause to her and quite frankly I have to agree. Her youngest son is my dad (who died April 1st, 2007) and I get part of my love of writing from her, the journaling part, she’s always kept a journal. I get the quirky oddball writing from dad, aka the rotten poet.

If you ever need a cover for your printer or photo copier let me know. This took less than 3 hours (including quilting time) to make. This has 5 panels and is made in a similar fashion to my tote bag line.

I love pansies, they’re one of my all time favorite flowers. I’ve had photos of this particular pansy flower before, however I thought a reminder that spring is on it’s way is good. Now I just have to find the information on taking care of the mums we purchased in September right before we replanted our entire garden. I figure after spending all that time digging up the garden just to plan the mums we might as well do our best to keep them going.

I’m so excited!! May 1st several friends and I are heading to Glens Falls, NY for the Ricky Tims Super Seminar with Alex Anderson & Libby Lehman. Quilt learning overload is on the horizon! A couple of folks who’ve taken the seminar have raved about it and the fact that they begin things promptly. I looked at the schedule yesterday as I chatted with a friend (we were looking for restaurants in the area) and 7:30 AM is the first class on Friday & Saturday. Okay, just give me coffee and I should be fine! I don’t think there will be a late night to be had. Since I’m the driver I need to make sure I sleep well Friday night.

That Sunday is the Northern Star Quilt Show in Somers. I’ve got to get off my butt and finish my NYBeauty, I’d like to enter it into the show.

Happy Quilting!

PS I’m working on a book, publishing my tote bag patterns and would like to include questions & answers, so if you have a quilt related question that I can answer and include in the book please post a comment here on the blog! I look forward to hearing from you.

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