Shhh Flat Alice is still sleeping and I have proof!

Flat Alice is sleeping under a quilt that I made.


Because we had a really big day yesterday . . .wanna see?


She insisted we show JB and K where I live. JB recognize this?


We got in the car and drove to the hospital where my dmil goes for therapy.


We went to Stew’s (got permission to take pictures first explaining why). We took our first picture in front of the Wishing Well.


This is the donut lady who loves to vacation where Flat Alice comes from. (Flat Alice really enjoyed the chocolate glazed donut she tried!)


We got a few pears and then …


we picked up fish for dinner

Flat Alice sees something unusual – milk!


She always wondered where the milk when after it left the farm – and who drinks it! We city folk do. It’s not quite like getting it at the farm, but it’s milk. Don’t worry JB and K Flat Alice is eating well.

ice-cream.jpg even ice cream – wow this is cool!

Then I took Flat Alice to the library!book.jpg

we picked up Flat Stanley



then she kept Barnum company for a while as I prepared dinner, read blogs and drank coffee!

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