A good day at guild


This is a window grill at the building where we have our guild meetings. Doesn’t this just remind you of a quilt pattern?

As you know from reading previous blog posts I can open my mouth and say (or sit at my keyboard and write) some pretty nutty things. Normal to nut for me is like driving one of those really fast & expensive cars that go from zero to sixty in under 5 seconds. It’s just easy.

So yesterday at guild I have a couple of announcements to make one about another guilds bus trip that they’re all invited to go on, and the other about the program happening in just a short period of time. So I make my first announcement yada, yada, yada, all of the contact information will be in the next newsletter.

I then walk toward the back of the room. Completely forgetting to let them know what we’ll be doing in a little while. I realize as the next person is making their announcement (which I’m trying to write down as I’m taking the minutes of the meeting) that I didn’t make the second announcement. The “I coulda had a V-8” commercial comes to mind and I really want to bop my self on the forehead. I don’t.

Time goes on the rest of the announcements are made. I begin saying, “and she reappears as if by magic”.. and I end up saying “appearing as if by maggot”. I couldn’t believe it. How do I do these things? It’s just the life of Teri I suppose. It could have been worse, and yes, I do know how.

Now you know there is always someone there who will say “I can’t believe you said maggot”. It was said and yes, I snarfed. I’d be happy to supply a definition of snarf if needed.


My husband is loading the projector with one of the home movies we watched with Flat Alice! That way so much fun.

flat-alice-takes-a-nap.jpgHere is Flat Alice taking a nap outside the building where we have our guild meetings. I got her up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early for her liking!

Alice has lunch


alice-ernestine.jpgFlat Alice meets Ernestine.

Happy Quilting!

can your thumb do this?


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