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Childhood memory

Everyone has childhood memories that just crack them up. All I have to do is think about this particular memory and I start giggling. Partly because it’s funny, partly because it’s a “busy woman” thing and partly because it shows how children think. And quite frankly that can be quite funny.

Back in the 70’s we lived in Las Vegas. My aunt, moms sister, either lived with us or was visiting on her way someplace else. That part I don’t remember. Picture an open plan living space where the sink faces the living room. The entry to the kitchen and dining room was on the right, the front door opens to the living room.

Mom was at the sink doing the dishes and my aunt asks her if there is anything she can do for my mom. Mom says, “Can you go pee for me?” My aunt responds, “sure” and proceeds to head off down the hall toward the bathroom. My 5 year old brain puts this whole conversation together thinking that my aunt actually went to pee for my mom. This was amazing, how did this happen? It must be possible because I saw it right in front of me. My aunt went to the potty right after my mom asked her too! That’s way too cool.

There are moments where I’d really love it if someone could go for me. This would make certain things like doing the dishes and taking drives so much easier for me. I don’t remember when I learned the truth that no one could go pee for me, this must have been such a bad day or an unimportant day that I just set it aside and moved on to the potty with my sad face on.

Oh well, such is life.

I’m off to go do some quilting.

Later today I’ll have a Flat Alice Post – maybe I’ll post her book report!

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