Flat Alice’s book report

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

By Jeff Brown

A book report by Flat Alice

We read the whole book together.  A chapter at a time, all about Flat Stanley’s life and his family.

Flat Stanley was made flat because a big bulletin board fell off the wall and made him flat while he was in bed.  Flat Stanley’s mom took him to the doctor.  The doctor said that other than being flat, Stanley is just fine.

Later that day Mrs. Lambchops wedding ring fell into a drain on the side of the road.   Flat Stanley slid down into the drain and found his mom’s ring.  She was so happy!

A couple of days later Flat Stanley flew like a kite.  His brother tied him up with string and he flew and flew and flew.  Then the string got all tangled up in a tree because Arthur forgot that Stanley was up in the air playing kite and went to play with the other boys at the park.

Then Flat Stanley helped out the neighbor Mr. Dart by catching the thieves who were stealing pictures from the wall at the museum.  They were coming in through a hole in the floor.  Flat Stanley caught them and told the police how they came in.

Arthur, that’s Flat Stanley’s brother, had a really good idea so that Stanley didn’t have to be flat any more.  Arthur got the tire pump and he pumped and he pumped and he pumped until Stanley wasn’t flat any more.


The end.


PS – the really cool part about being flat is uhm, that uhm, I get to be carted around in Miss Teri’s book bag with all the, uhm books for the quilt show. They’re very heavy.

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