coffee pots and washing machines

You might remember the coffee pot episode.  The one where the carafe wasn’t set properly onto the warming unit spilling coffee & coffee grounds all over the kitchen counter.  Waking up to this isn’t the most fun way to start the day.  However there’s no use crying over spilled coffee.  Unless of course the coffee spills all over a quilting project that you’re working on, not to mention the paper that is sitting on that particular table thereby staining everything in its lovely milky brown wake.

Earlier this week I thought hey, I’ll stay in bed a little while this morning and sleep.  Well, it didn’t happen.  I’m peeking at the clock every two minutes and then groaning, because I’m realizing extra sleep  just isn’t going to happen.  I leave the room and see that my dear husband isn’t at the computer.  I think, “hmmn, this is a little odd” and head downstairs.  I get there and dh is cleaning up a coffee mess, the likes of which we’ve had before.  Coffee everywhere and not a drop to drink.  Not yet anyway – he’s filtering it.

So last night we come home later than usual.  No big deal.  Dh makes coffee, we go to bed and this morning I get to sleep in.  Well not so much sleep in as much as sleep later because I’m really tired from the night before.  Going to bed at 1 in the morning is not normal for me.  The alarm goes off and I wake up and go right back to sleep.  I hear nothing until almost 8:30.  Wow, this is cool I’m thinking. Very cool.  I’m also thinking I have 2 hours to do all of the lovely things I get to do.

I say good morning to dh and go for coffee.  Something unusual – there is now a white coffee pot on the counter.  Wait a minute it wasn’t that way when I went to bed last night.  What on earth happened to our coffee pot?  Well, you guess it right gentle readers, we had a second coffee catastrophe this week.  Not only did the coffee spill all over the counter but right onto the floor too!  Yipes, I can only imagine the mess he happened upon waking up.   I was sleeping so soundly (I can almost imagine the snoring) that I never heard him come back into the room to get the new coffee pot!  The closet door is right by my head!

What does all of this have to do with the washing machine?  Well I had to wash the carpet.  So I finally bring the carpet downstairs to put it in the washer and get it clean.  I’ve been a bit dippy lately (yes, I know what makes today any different) and wasn’t thinking when I did this.  I put in the rug, the soap and the fabric softener, set the dial to the wash cycle I preferred for carpets, closed the door, pressed the button and walked away.  I go back later to put the sheet and towels in and the rug still hasn’t been washed.  Now I know I pressed the button before hand what’s going on?  I press the button again and disappear into blog land and the sewing room and go back later and “oh for Pete’s sake what is going on?!” At this point I’m annoyed with the machine and beginning to think I don’t want to call the service company to come and service the washer.  Then it dawns on me.  I reach to the back of the machine and turn on the water.   BINGO!  The water starts flowing into the machine and I’m only 4 hours behind on doing laundry!

Happy quilting!


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  1. I absolutely hate it when that happens with the coffee pot. We have a Black and Decker with a thermal pot and several times we have not set the pot in right. Getting up in the morning to a mess and no coffee isn’t fun! Glad the washer just needed water!

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