Paper piecing and my brain

When I finally wrap my brain around a technique, I get it.  Making changes in how I use that technique can be challenging for some reason.  It’s just part of my unique quirkiness I guess.

Today’s technique: paper piecing.  It took me a while but I finally wrapped my brain around the eccentricities of paper piecing.  For me, it is the easiest ways to get sharp crisp points on a block that can be really challenging for example on a new york beauty


I can’t stand paper piecing because I have to think the each section of each block through so thoroughly my brain hurts.  I’m currently working on a challenge that is due by MQX in April, so I have a bit of time.   I decided to take a block that I like, tilt it 45 degrees and paper piece it.  After spending hours and hours drafting the block, copying each section, making sure I have seam allowance on each bit having my dh copy them twice (because I forgot to tell him how many copies I need of each part) and cutting them apart so I can piece them.

I had to think and think and think and think and think.  Because of the changes I made for this block I have to work in a slightly different way.  Instead of placing the fabric right side out on the back, lining things up and stitching I have to do this from the front.  This presents it’s own set of challenges as I have to re think for each section of the block how this will work then remember what I’m doing for the rest.  Yipes.  I’m going to have to make photos of this or notes, copious notes.  I’m concerned that if I take pictures I’ll post them on the blog.

If I post them  then the person who the quilt will go to will see it.  Since it’s supposed to be a surprise for her posting pictures here would be kinda silly.

Happy Quilting,


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  1. Oh go ahead and post the pics. I am sure she will never see them. Just found your new site never noticed your little post saying you were moving.


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