Flat Alice goes home tomorrow

I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly! She’s leaving tomorrow and going priority mail. Flat Alice has to be in school on Monday. I’m a bit tardy sending her home since I’ve just been enjoying her company so very much. Oh well. She’s definitely leaving with more than she came with, though she’s not your typical tourist that’s for sure.

Well, not typical, but certainly my kind of tourist going to places like Stew Leonard’s and Slave to the Grind. When I chatted with JB yesterday she was stunned that Flat Alice likes coffee. JB doesn’t drink coffee, doesn’t even like the taste, poor girl doesn’t quite know what she’s missing. Decaffeinated is all I’m sayin’. At least I think she likes chocolate, that would definitely be a redeeming quality in a friend I’ve know for so many years.

Here’s one of the other places we went – Tom Thumbs head stone (across the way is PT Barnum’s head stone).


Flat Alice goes home with the quilt we made together. I just need to finish up the binding. Then there’s all the stuff the folks at Stew Leonard’s gave us. A piece of film from when dh spliced the 8mm film we watched a few weeks ago. JB doesn’t know it but she’s getting company Uncle Woody has asked if he and the family can accompany Flat Alice home, I agreed. And there’s another cousin too, but not too much here since it is a surprise. Since JB doesn’t have goats living in her basement at this time (hey jb, go check out gizmo’s site, they raise goats too) so there’s plenty of room for the family members to settle in for a good long visit.

Flat Alice and I worked on her journal yesterday…there’s lots in there and probably could be a lot more. She agreed that the highlights from our time together would do and assured me that K would be pleased.

Although I went to my other quilt guild last night Flat Alice decided to stay home with dh and relax before all of the packing and whatnot today. Getting home will be quite the journey I’m sure.

I’d nearly forgotten this picture…Flat Alice watching my stuff while we waited for the door to be unlocked at one of my guild meetings…good times all around.
JB did I send you this picture? Flat Alice insisted I include it here…
I’ll do a quilt related blog in the next day or two.
Oh and Dawn-Marie – good try on getting me to post pictures.
Happy Quilting!

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