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the other night I had a kitchen mishap

Oh now before anyone gets all concerned and fussy over me. No I did not cut myself with any of the sharp knives we keep in the block or the cheap serrated knives we keep in the really good cheese grater.


No, I had the kind of mishap that only happens when I’m in the middle of something really important – like needing to head for the loo. I think I did need to head for the loo, quite honestly I don’t remember if I did or not. Did I ever tell you my loo is pepto bismol pink or the color of borscht with way too much sour cream? That’s a photo for another day, well maybe not – here’s a real treat for you!


So here I am getting the finishing touches on dinner last night. The crock pot of home made sloppy joe is on the table. The bread too. I just needed to put the veggies back in the microwave for a minute to help melt the Smart Balance. When all of the sudden I see pea green and carrot orange dots everywhere. What happened you say? (Made you say it didn’t I) As I moved my hand toward the microwave I missed and the dish slipped out of my hand, hit the chair and spilled peas and carrots all over the place.


The microwave sits on a shelving unit we got years ago at Ikea. It’s a good sturdy shelving unit and holds much stuff. (Way too much, however, I’m changing that as I write this) Peas and carrots on the floor, on the arm of the chair under the shelving unit, sitting on the lips of baking pans. Dmil is already at the table. Dh is entering the kitchen just about the time I move the chair away to clean up the peas & carrots from all of the places I could find them. I guess it’s time to take everything off the shelves, wipe the thing down, put everything back up and put it all away again.


Some of that is happening right now. Some of the stuff isn’t going back onto the shelving unit. The metal pans might go up into the loft, the rest of it is going in these green bins and into the closet. Ya never know, I just might take up cake decorating and cookie baking once again. Might. Maybe? I don’t know…we’ll see if that ever really happens.

We were having home made sloppy joes made in this → 

See ya later angel food cake pan… baking-pans.jpg

off you go tart pan…waiting-to-be-washed.jpg


squeeze ya soon decorating bags…cake-decorating.jpg

Oh bother I’m getting all sentimental now. Hold on while I go snarf I mean weep then put this stuff away some will go here:


some will go down here:                                 not-down-there.jpg

Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes is one of my hero’s!


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  1. That sure looks like one big opening. Trying to figure out how you missed it. Okay outta here before you wack me with a towel.

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