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A life saying, a quilt show and beauty


A friend of mine gets together with other quilters a few times a year and at least at one meal they order dessert first. This beautiful little thing is sitting on the counter at Rita’s Italian Ice in Guiford, CT. I had a nice chat with the lady who owns the shop and in a way had dessert first. I tried their new Vanilla Italian Ice and then the Coffee Custard. Mmmnnn. I’m salivating just thinking about it. The next time I go in I’ll have some more of these delicious treats and be on happy traveler, that’s for sure.

On Saturday some friends and I went to the Block Institute for a Quilt Show. A smallish show, ’bout the size on the one I’m co-chairing. They had some neat quilts here are just a few:



can you tell I love New York Beauty Quilts?

actually any quilt that employs some kind of circle is fine with me, just because it’s complicated looking and beautiful


Every place in the country has some place that is fun and amazing or that just catches your eye in it’s beauty or for it’s startling effect

fun-shop-window-ct-route-1-march-2008.jpgThis just made me giggle and reminded me of that friend who eats dessert first at least once or twice a year.


I enjoy lots of different things old barns….


old movie theaters (on route 1 some where)

abandoned hospitals and rail ways.

The buildings here are from an old CT state hospital that was abandoned and is currently falling apart. Those rusty water tanks just called out, “remember me”…

Just like quilters we use old things…this is inspiring and now on my “list of quilts to make” is a rust red and deep blue quilt…Just like the photo I’ll incorporate some tans & browns and that patina green from copper roofs.

Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “A life saying, a quilt show and beauty”

  1. Inspiration… need to quit giving all of us so much inspiration!! I know my “to do” list is WAAAAAYYYYYY too long already!
    Kidding aside, thanks for taking us along with you. I really do appreciate it.

  2. Teri – The New York Beauty quilt that had the different color sun bursts – do you have a name for that quilt? It looks like it was only a wall hanging size, but my dmil was intrigued. Thanks!

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