My Sewing Box

On another blog I have I posted a picture of my sewing box.  See here:


Yes, I know it’s a bit of a mess, but I’m working!  See there’s thread and needles and straight pins and safety pins.  The Jinny Beyer Perfect Piecer (I use this for machine piecing too!)

There are needles I don’t use and needles I want to use more effectively.

I don’t use the leathery dots for my upper or lower fingers.  My hands are too warm to get them to stay on for more than three stitches.  That’s irritating!

Let’s see, after watching Alex Anderson’s hand quilting videos (on The Quilt Show website) I gave up using bee’s wax and thread heaven.  And I’m not really experiencing any drag on the thread, partly because I’m now threading the needle differently as well.  All these little bits and pieces just add up to one better quilter.

I also posted pictures of my garden:spring-begins.jpghyacinth.jpg

the Hyacinths are coming back, I thought we’d lose them…so are these:

weeds.jpg yes, they’re weeds, and I’d fix ya a cup of tea or coffee or Boylans Birch beer if you’ll come pull them for me.  Oh goodness, no you say, ‘nough weeds of your own to pull? Sure was worth the try.


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