yet another cleaning saga and signs of spring…


This is supposed to be my friend and help me as I care for my home.


This is supposed to just work. Clean up all that stuff that ends up on the floor like dust and cat hair and thread and my long hair. but not today – are you ready to hear what my friend insisted on today? My friend insisted on being maintained. Oh, old vacuum doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, just when I really don’t have time to invest in maintaining this wonderful friendship and partnership.

I should have known something was going to go wrong with the cleaning today because I was wearing this shirt:


We all know what happens when I wear this shirt. Inevitably I end up cleaning oh, blue goo or really yucky water from places where really yucky water shouldn’t be gathering.

So, I’m on a limited time schedule today, trying to get just a few things done before having to run that one final errand. I spent 40 minutes taking this vacuum-march-2008.jpg
apart so to get all of the excess hair, thread and whatever else gets caught under the hood. All I can say is yuck and I’m glad that it wasn’t worse. Like needing to get a new vacuum cleaner worse – which if I hadn’t spent the time maintaining it could easily have happened. Now it’s good for another 100 vacuums. I hope.


remember us from last week? We were just beginning to peek out from the earth giving just the most welcome signs of spring….

now look at ushyacinths-growing-more-march-2008.jpg

soooooo big

and the pansys are starting to green up


and the little purple flowers are peeking through the orangy greens of the ground cover…


isn’t this great? inspiring as a quilter too.


Happy Quilting!



I couldn’t forget the lilac buds

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  1. I would show you a pic of my back yard but the snow doesn’t show up well on a pic when it is ALL snow!


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