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I have just enough time

to write a blog this morning before I make a mad dash for the sewing room to finish a block for a round robin that I agreed to participate for several months leading up to the guild Quilt Show in November.  I really wanted to have this done before I left for the week it just didn’t happen.  I was working in the sewing room getting ready.  Trying to finish that quilt I still can’t show you and is in my possession to fix a major problem.  It doesn’t lay flat.  I can’t tell you how annoyed I was however I’ll tell you what I learned…design on the fly has its advantages and disadvantages.  Often for me this works really well and the overall look of the quilt is better than I expected.  What I learned: make full scale pattern pieces and make sure they fit prior to cutting fabric.  This might seem like a no brainer however after all the drafting I did to get to the look of the quilt just the way I wanted it this would have allowed me to deliver the quilt.  Once I get to correct this I’ll be able to square the quilt and maybe get it quilted.

I did some fabric shopping on this trip.  I spent way longer than I intended in Sturbridge, MA – there is a factory outlet that is closing (manufacturing moving to where else? China – ugh!) and I shopped for fabric.  Didn’t find the piece I need but have a few good leads.  I also shopped at Mardens and Quiltessentials.

There is something truly beautiful about seeing your own quilts through a newer quilters eyes.  We’re the same age however she’s only been quilting for a few years now.  I’m glad the quilting bug caught her.  Though we had a very short time we shared our quilts with each other.  She has lots of quilts made by her mother in law that she treasures.  They are well loved and very much appreciated.  As I shared my quilts her excitement was kind of catchy, and helped add a little perspective for me as I write an article for the guild newsletter.  Now I can approach this from three points rather than just one.

I’m off to the sewing room to get that block done.

Happy Quilting!


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