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Just before I left last week dh and I took a day and looked and bought a treadmill.  This is for dmil and I to get some exercise.  After looking through Consumers Reports and checking out various sites on treadmills I’d settled on either a ProForm or a New Balance as far as price and features and for what we’re using the treadmill for these seemed the best route.  This is one of the best times of the year to purchase exercise equipment.

We went to one store and chatted with a very lovely sales lady and she highly recommended Nordic Track.  I actually liked the feel of the Nordic Track, however, there are memory cards that need to be purchased with these treadmills and well, I just didn’t want to spend that on top of the cost of the treadmill.  I actually had to leave my jacket off because I was warm enough from trying out the machines.

At the second store we ended up with the manager, who is also a trainer on the side, and he answered questions, let me try a few of the machines and gave his recommendation then let my husband & I chat.  After a little while we decided on the New Balance 1500, got a great deal on it and the mat for the floor.  It just fit in the back of our station wagon and off we went home.

Thank goodness for the neighbor guy across the street.  Did you know these things are heavy?  He helped us get this in the door and off he went.  We got the thing set up and then tried to figure out exactly where this would stay for the rest of our natural lives.  Actually  moving it now is a lot easier than in the box.

When I was in my 20’s oh some 19 years ago I walked everywhere and either walked or biked for exercise.  I lived in Georgia and would walk 4 miles in an hour give or take.  Even in the heat and humidity I’d walk about 4 miles.  Life changes, I moved and for nearly a year I did aerobics and enjoyed it a lot.  Then right around the time I got married exercise came to an abrupt halt.  I’ve tried various things over the last few years nothing serious until now.

When Monday came around dh said he’d do the dishes if I’d walk the treadmill.  Cool deal as far as I’m concerned.  So I got myself changed and off I went.  I walked 1/2 mile (there’s a little track on the display screen) and did the Pikes Peak work out where the incline begins at 0%, works it’s way up to 7% and down to 3% at the end.

Tuesday I walked 1/2 mile at 2.5 on a 2 – 3% incline; did the mountain pass (various inclines) and then walked 1/4 mile to cool down.

Wednesday I walked 1/4 mile at 2.7 at a 2% incline; did the Pikes Peak work out twice at 2.5 mph then walked 1/4 mile to cool down.

Thursday I walked 1/2 mile at 2.8 at a 2% incline; did the Hill Walk at 2.7 mph then walked 1/4 mile to cool down.

Friday I walked 1/2 mile at 2.7 at a 2% incline; did the Pikes Peak at 2.5 mph then walked 1/4 mile to cool down.

I’m enjoying the walking and variety of work outs.  There is an actual “walking” program that starts out at 3 mph and uses a 3 – 4% incline.  I’m not quite ready for that yet.  When I’m consistently using 2.8 or 2.9 as my track walk then I’ll give the walking program a try.

The display screen will also give your heart rate and amount of calories burned.  I’m enjoying this feature as I can see how my heart gets some good exercise.  When I relax a little I let my arms go and get my heart rate going that way as well.  In a month or two I’ll add the walking weights a couple of times each week.  I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.  I need time to get back into shape.  I’m pretty happy though that I’m still walking at least 2.5 mph or more comfortably.

Off to the quilting room!


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  1. Keep it up, girl!!! It’s one of the best things you can do FOR YOURSELF!!!! All your friends want to see you around for many, many more years to come……


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