here’s a picture of my new york beauty title: When Alex and Jinny met in New York Beauty Happened.  It’s

finally finished.  And it’s delivered for the quilt show next weekend.  I’m so excited.  Of course I won’t get to see it hanging until Sunday as I’ll be at the Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar but, it’s done.

here’s a close up of some of the quilting.  I did some stitch in the ditch to anchor the quilt.  The rest of it was free motion.  I had so much fun figuring out what will work for this New York Beauty.

this quilting too is free motion quilting.  I watched Sharon Schamber quilt free motion feathers one day and something just clicked.  So this blue strip seemed a great spot (at least to me for some feathers.  Good practice I must say.

The blue and yellow-y orange NY Beauty that is just to the left of the feathers is all thread.  Oh man did I have fun making that.  I copied an arc onto paper and pinned it down to that corner of the block.  With my walking foot I traced the arcs and the peaks.  Then went to town coloring in the spaces.  I did this as the creamy tone on tone stuck out like a sore thumb on the rest of the quilt.

rounding the corners was a design decision way back.  For me it was part of the challenge of making this quilt my own and not someones work that I just copied.  Valorie Wells’ book “Radiant New York Beauties” is where the basic blocks came from, however the entire layout is mine.

The back had to be something special as well.  A commercially dyed batik seemed the right thing and it shows the quilting well enough.  I filled several bobbins with the threads I used on the top and when it ran out, even if I was in the middle of a particular spot, I just changed the color.

here’s a closer view of the new york beauty block that was done in thread.  I was using red thread at the time and with the blue on top the red really stands out, with the yellow & red on top there is a distinct difference in the textural feel of the arc.

This arrived in the mail the other day and I’ve been wanting to share this with you ever since.  This is a photo of the challenge quilt.  I sent Dawn Marie 10 fat quarters – she sent them out to one of the quilters in the challenge and this came back!  Oh my goodness, thank you so much Howdy, I was really wondering what anyone was going to do with those fat quarters.  Did I ever mention that I love black fabric!

the corners on this are well, just so amazing that I had to share this with you.  All four corners are perfectly mitered!

the border screams Teri.  It’s wonky…and interesting and fits this quilt so well.  Great job Howdy!

Happy Quilting!


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