garden beauty and upcoming quilts

I’ve been enjoying the garden (not so much the weeding) but the flowers blooming and how blossoms happen so quickly, overnight!

these photos of the dogwood were taken just a few days apart.

I’m amazed at how quickly they grow and show us their beauty.

the color of the evening sky even changes how the flowers look, giving a whole different view of their beauty.

Then I found this little guy in the tree…

I can’t quite tell you how surprised I was to actually get his picture.  They usually fly off the minute I walk out the front door.

The facinating thing is the way the sunlight pours through the leaves of plants, showing their texture or other things I wouldn’t normally notice about them.

I just love the way the light and color play through the leaves.  It’s inspiring in a quilt sense…lights mediums and darks all playing to make a beautiful thing that is well loved.  This begonia has been in my husbands care since 1992, just after we married.  We figure it’s at least 20 to 30 years older than that.

Later today or tomorrow I will have photos of two quilts!  The first will be the completed New York Beauty.  I am in the midst of finishing the binding and putting the hanging sleeve on the quilt.  Oh and the label.  Can’t forget the label!  That would get me disqualified for sure.  This one has to be done today as I’m bringing it to the Country Quilter for next weeks quilt show.

The second quilt will be the one that Howdy made for me in the 10/10 challenge.  It’s gorgeous!  I can hardly wait to quilt this thing!


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