Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar

If you’re a quilter or an art-y type person and ever have a chance this event is well worth the price of admission!  Tons of information.  The whole seminar is well thought out and well prepared.  The sessions begin and end on time and opportunities to stretch and breaks are available through out.

The most exciting moment of the whole event is when we learned that one of the event attendees is 101!  I saw her earlier in the day when I had a moment to talk to Alex and I would have thought late 70’s maybe early 80’s but no, she’s 101!  Amazing.  She attended every session, used no assistance to walk and just loved every moment.  We all cheered as loud as 670 people could as we heard this amazing moment.  Ricky gave her 5 or 6 yards of his hand dyed fabrics and Bernina of America gave her a brand new sewing machine!  Probably not a dry eye in the house!

Bob Purcell of Superior Threads gave us our “Ph D” in threadology after a 40 – 45 minute discussion on threads and needles, dispelling some old myths and sharing with us the beauties of all of the incredible threads we have on the market.  Incredibly he talks about how to find good thread.  Yes, he discusses his thread but will tell you what to look for in a good thread, that there are good brands on the market, here’s what to look for.  I’ll tell you though I love Superior threads for their commitment to quality and any time I’ve had trouble with them I’d email Bob and (with another email or phone call to the right person) soon a new spool would be in my mail box.

The Seminar itself is packed full with how to’s.  How to make a rhapsody quilt (it’s not difficult, it just takes planning) and a convergence (it’s not difficult, it just takes planning) and how to machine applique from the back of the quilt top and how to hand quilt and how to…

Quilts made by Ricky, Alex and Libby as well as a number of others are available to see.  White glove ladies are on hand to show you the back.  A few of the quilts are hung so that you can see the front and the back.  Wow is all I can say.  Ideas are running through my head and I know I have the skills and the brain to make them happen.

My NY Beauty came this close |      | to qualifying for a third place ribbon.  Truth be told I actually knew it wasn’t quite ribbon ready, however I am very happy with this quilt overall.  The piecing itself was complimented and the two areas that need help are the better planning in the binding (I stitched the two curves slightly differently) and slightly better understanding of color) that big piece in the middle of the quilt and probably some of my color combinations didn’t quite work well.  I am going to enter it into another show in the summer.  In the mean time I’m going to block the quilt and rework that one corner of the binding.  There are a couple of places that if I can I will add some quilting.  While I’m crazy enough to take a whole quilt apart, not this one, overall I’m happy with it.

Happy Quilting!

More pictures and details tomorrow.


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  1. Wow, 101 years old and still quilting. Shows us all how healthy quilting can be. The Super seminars sound like alot of fun, but alas, with me living in Timbuckto, I don’t think they will have any close to me.

    Karen L

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