Quilting Privileges

Once in a while an opportunity presents itself that is just too good to pass up.  I’m going to put the binding on an antique feedsack grandmothers flower garden quilt.  I’m very excited and am trying to figure out how to maintain the shape of the flower garden blocks for the customer as that’s what she wants.  I have two ideas 1) bind each and every one of those hexagons or 2) figure out the best way to make the larger hexagon shapes as I’m going along.  I’m going to do some quick piecing later this afternoon and see what I can do that will work for the quilt.

In preparation for that I made over 1500 inches of bias binding yesterday.  If I bind each and every one of those hexagons I may need more if I straighten the larger hexagons I’ll probably have enough.  This will all depend on how the samples go this afternoon.  Later today I’ll lay the quilt out on the floor and take a couple of pictures to share with you.  This quilt is a real beauty and I’m thrilled beyond belief to get the privilege of finishing this quilt made by grandmother, given to mother and passed on to daughter who cherishes this quilt with all her heart!


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  1. I bet you really enjoy working this quilt – alot different from your beautiful New York Beauty that you just completed! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

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