writing and learning

This last week has been taken up with writing and learning.  I’ve been learning how to use photoshop to enhance my photos in some really neat ways and get the pictures I really want!  This will be incredibly helpful as I hope to soon open an etsy store and take photos for patterns for the tote bags.

Last year dh found a source for mountain laurel.  My dmil had them on her property and we really liked them.  Unfortunately they don’t like wet feet and didn’t last long in our back yard.  So when he found the mountain laurel on line and did some research on the trees we learned that they don’t particularly like a lot of sun either.  When we dug up the garden last year we planted 4 mountain laurel, three survived and one is blooming this year!

The above photo is one of the two that aren’t blooming this year.

I really like the hues of the flowers.  Between the camera and photoshop I was able to really capture what these flowers look like.

We have had allium for years.  They are pretty and provide some calming color in the garden.  When we dug up in the fall we knew we had 4 or 5 (they multiply over time like most bulbs).  What we’re a bit confused is how they migrated over near the rose bush in the front!  However, they did and now the ball is leaning over toward the mountain laurel.

One of the not so great side effects of bulbs or maybe it’s just something in this area is onion grass.  We have it all over the place.  And they grow deep in the ground so weeding becomes a bit of a chore.  Well weeding is a bit of a chore and when you’re short and the garden is deep, well, enough of weeding for today.  Dh told me he pull that bit of onion grass obstructing the view of the flowers here.

Now something that has been confusing me to no end is the rose bush.

these white flowers are growing right along side the roses.  The leaves are spindly and the flowers are small, five petals and a creamy white.

They are pretty in a simple and basic kind of way.  I don’t know if this is age, cutting back or something else.  I’m wondering if I cut back too far on some stems at some point and the bush is letting me know.  If you know why this is happening please leave me a comment

I’ll post more photos tomorrow of the whole bush and the one in the front as well.  The one in the front started out as yellow roses and are now deep maroon.  I love yellow roses and am learning to like the maroon ones as well.

Later this week or early next week I’ll have some quilting pictures to share with you.  I have a couple of totes that I need to finish and get out the door.  A quilt that needs to be done by the end of July and a few other projects in the works.  Some of them on deadlines and some not.  I’m enjoying the process of each one though.

Happy Quilting!


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