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It’s been a while, wanna see what I’ve been up to?

After attending the Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar with Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman I came home very inspired.  Each of these quilters bring a unique perspective to the quilting world.  WOW and Woohoo were phrases used frequently during the whole event.  Libby showed us how she does reverse machine embroidery so when I came home I was able to play and make this:

and these

once they were pressed they were flat and easy enough to trim to the size needed for the project I was working on.  Did I get a photo of the completed project?  No.  This is part of a round robin that I will get again.

Next here is a close up photo of the grand mothers flower garden that I’m putting the binding on:

I need to get a photo of the whole quilt top at some point.  After talking with a few other quilters at our small group meeting I know how I’m binding it.  I started last night but with the excitment of a new Bernina that one of the girls bought at the Super Seminar well, I just couldn’t focus on my hand work!

She bought a beautiful new Bernina with the Stitch Regulator and had so much fun playing around.  She’s working on a quilt here and had been practicing for a little while before getting to this quilt.

This was the first time I’d brought my camera to our small group meeting.  I was showing off how I can flip the screen around and get a picture of myself and whoever else is with me…we do have a lot of fun.

We do eat…

and sip a bit of wine….

The woman in the photo with me won the “Caveman” DVD at the Super Seminar.  We didn’t get to watch it last night though we did have a lot of fun!

We all bring a little something to work on.  I brought the grandmothers flower garden R brought her Bernina, C brought needle punch and G and J worked on hand quilting.

Now for a few things I’ve been working on.

I finished this quilt to go to the Little Quilt Auction for the National Quilters Association.  The Little Quilt Auction proceeds go to fund grants for charitable work that guilds are working on.  Here’s the finished quilt:

I started this quilt back in the late 90’s, inspired by a Jinny Beyer pattern.  My skills at the time did not quite match my desire and the quilt pattern was changed.  Originally this quilt was much larger and had a couple of borders.  I’d machine quilted this some time ago and all I needed to do was finish hand stitching the binding down.  Well I didn’t like the quilting, I didn’t like the quilt and thought I could use it for my guild quilt challenge.  Nope, it’s too big.  What now?  After taking out all of the quilting (did I mention I didn’t like the batting or the backing on this quilt either)…

Then I was asked to submit something for the LQA and voila! here I go.  I re stitched a couple of areas.  Pressed the heck out of it used wool batting and a batik back and now this is a quilt I am quite happy with.

Next a friend called and asked if I’d quilt for a quilt that will be going to Israel sometime later this summer. 

Kids from the school created the house blocks and I think their teacher put the quilt together.

I managed to add a Star of David right in the center top of the quilt.  I practiced quilting this by doodling on paper the night before and it worked well.

I finished attached the sleeve to the top of the quilt as I stitched the binding down.  Then used a blind hem stitch to attach it to the back of the quilt.  This worked well and the stitches can not been seen from the front.

Each one of the houses was quilted using invisible thread and the sash strips were quilted with Superiors Master Piece.  This stuff lasts forever!

I used Superiors Bottom Line thread in the bobbin and could not have been happier!  I had no problems using this and the invisible thread together…the biggest challenge was getting the invisible thread in the right spot and dropping the tension to zip the whole thing came together.

So, that’s me for now.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Wow! You have been busy. I love the quilt for the NQA Little Quilt acution. And – what at great idea for how to sew the binding down. I have never seen it done that way before. Definately have to try that! Probably on my Little Quilt since I will be finishing it this week.

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